We work alongside our clients on-site or from one of our software delivery centres, using lightweight Agile processes valuing fast and iterative feedback. Our starting point is for engineers to communicate directly with the client and we evolve support mechanisms - such as business analysts and project managers - as needed. We deploy often, provide regular showcases and encourage daily stand-ups. We use best-of-breed tools to provide transparency and to manage project work-streams.

Our clients reap the benefits of our shared lessons learned across projects where we have gained efficiencies from our standardisation of tools, technologies and approach. JUXT developers work across the stack, including provisioning cloud infrastructure, back-end, database administration, front-end, and mobile applications.


We offer our clients regular delivery assurance reviews for development practices and choice of technologies. Our aim is to help clients go leaner and simpler still, to eliminate areas of incidental complexity that are causing time and resource overheads. When deep-diving into a project, we bring humility as well as a sense of purpose, to help teams reach higher levels of architectural agility.

We will also help our clients perform a risk assessment, to ensure that non-functional requirements such as security and scalability are being accounted for, as well as ensuring that the delivery capability of the software team is sustainable.


JUXT offers professional public training at affordable prices, from professional trainers with many years of hands-on experience with Clojure on real projects. Our training courses are packed with learning, whilst being fun and engaging.

We are also happy to provide on-site private training or to design bespoke courses that are tailored to your specific requirements. We have numerous training modules that can be selected to create just the right course for your staff. Contact us for further details.